Drive Wheel 8 1/2x4x4 Crown

Drive Wheel 8 1/2x4x4 Crown

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Crown 1.0 EMT Seria: 31223 8 1/2x4x4213x102-22

Koło napędowe crown / Key way drive wheel

Crown 8 1/2x4x4

Sort of traction wheel TRACTION WHEEL WITH KEYWAY
Diameter of the wheel D (mm) 213
Width of the wheel W (mm) 102
Diameter of the rim D-RIM (mm) 102
Width of the rim W-RIM (mm) 102
Shaft diameter AX1 (mm) 22
Hub length HL (mm) 102
Outer offset of the flange OFS-OUT (mm) 30
Thickness of the flange TH-FL (mm) 42
Material of the wheel (grouped) POLYURETHANE
Wheel material detail POLYURETHANE
Material of the rim STEEL
Cam present false
Rim and tyre false
Suitable for coldstore use false
One side is closed false

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