Fan blade Nissan K21/K25

Fan blade Nissan K21/K25

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Wentylator silnika / Fan blade / Větrák

Nissan K21/K25 21060-FU410

Hangcha HC 1-3,5t seria R silnik NISSAN K21/25


FG20H/FG25H -16 S/N 700001 up

FG20H/FG25H -17 S/N 308845 up

FG30-17 S/N 308845 up

FG30N-16 S/N 700001 up

FG30N-17-W S/N 700001 up

FG35A-16 S/N 700001 up

FG35A-17 S/N 700001 up

FG20N/FG25N -16 S/N 700001 up

FG20N/FG25N -17 S/N 308845 up


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