343x135-90 Drive wheel Vulkollan Linde 0029903814

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Linde R16 343x135x90Linde 0029903814

Koło napędowe z beżnikiem Vulkollan / Drive wheel Vulkollan used on Linde:
Linde 0029903814
Vulkollan 343x135-90

115C-11 R10C/12C/14C-11
115-12 R14/14G/16/16G/20/20G-12
115-03 R14/R16/R20-03
115C-03 R10C/R12C/R14C-03
116-03 R14X/R16X/R17X/R17XHD-03
116-02 R14X/R16X/R17X/R17XHD
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