Thrust Bearing Linde 0029245027

Thrust Bearing Linde 0029245027

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115-25 R14-20 Ex S - Zone 1, 2 (2G, 3G)115-02 R14/R16/R20-02115C-02 R10C/R12C/R14C-02115C-03 R10C/R12C/R14C-03116 R14X/R16X/R17X/R17XHD

Łozżysko obrotowe przekładni / Steering bearing

Linde 0029245027

115-25 R14-20 Ex S - Zone 1, 2 (2G, 3G)
115-02 R14/R16/R20-02
115C-02 R10C/R12C/R14C-02
115C-03 R10C/R12C/R14C-03
116 R14X/R16X/R17X/R17XHD

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