Electric fan motor Linde 0009761004

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Silnik elektryczny do wentylatora chłodzenia w wózku Linde H12/16/18 (ser.350-01/02) H12/16/18/20 - 03 (ser.350-03)

Silnik elektryczny do wentylatora / Electric cooling fan motor used on linde

Linde 0009761004

Total length (mm) 202
Length of the armature housing (mm) 115
Diameter of the armature housing (mm) 82
Front flange YES
Type shaft front X
Number of plugs 1
Cooling fan none
Minimum voltage U1 (V) 12
Current (ampere) (Amp) 27
Revolutions/Minute (tr/min) 3100
Power (kW) 0.24
Motor type other
Insulation class F
Type DC perm. magnets
Service factor (SF) 1
Direction of rotation CW

350-04 H12/16/18/20 - 04
350-01/02 H12/16/18
350-03 H12/16/18/20 - 03

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