Water pump Perkins 145017950

Water pump Perkins 145017950

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Pompa wody / Water pump

Perkins 145017950

Sort waterpump          Flange

Type waterpump        A1

Total height H1 (mm) 124

Maximum length L1 (mm)     170

Shaft diameter D1 (mm)        15.9

Neck diameter D2 (mm)        24

Flange/gear or pully diameter D3 (mm)        60

Total number of mounting holes (holes + thread)     4

Number of threads     4

Biggest thread TA1    M6

Metric pitch Pm1 (mm)          1

Smallest centre distance of nearest mounting holes C1 (mm)          28.5

Biggest centre distance of nearest mounting holes C2 (mm)           28.5

Thread of mounting cooling fan present       NIE

Gasket included         TAK


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