Seat interchangeable MSG65/521

Seat interchangeable MSG65/521

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Siedzenie Zamiennik dla MSG65/21 / Seat interchangeable of MSG65/521

Materiał obicia / Upholstery      PVC

Amortyzacja / Suspension      MECHANICAL STEPLESS

regulacja wagi / Weight adjustement present  TAK

Waga minimalna / Minimum weight capacity (kg)          50

Waga max / Maximum weight capacity (kg)         120

Czujnik operatora / Seat contact    CONTACT PLATE


pasy z czujnikiem / Belt with contact        NIE

Foldable back NIE

Podgrzewanie /Heating present         NIE NO

regulacja przód tył / Adjustement front - back       TAK

Regulowana dystans / Adjustment distance front - back (mm)        145

Podłokietniki / Armrests present        BOTH SIDES

rodzaj podłokietników / Type of armrest          ADJUSTABLE

Head rest present       OPTIONAL

Document holder present       OPTIONAL

Hip rest present          NO

Height adjustement    NO

Back adjustement       POSITION

Seat angle adjustement          NO

Lumbar support present         NO

Shoulder rest present  NO

Tilt forward seat         NIE

Maximum seat height (measured in rest) H1 (mm)   175

Minimum distance sliding rails W1 (mm)     108

Maximum distance slide rails W2 (mm)        340

Maximum width of the seat with parts and accesories W3 (mm)    620

Maximum width of the seat without parts and accesoriesW4 (mm)            475

Travel of the seat L2 (mm)    50

Total height of the seat H3 (mm)      505

Total length of the seat L3 (mm)       580

Cushion stuffing        FOAM

Slide rail present         TAK

Waga siedzenia/ Weight of the seat (kg)          24

Kolor/Colour BLACK


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