85x46/47-20 Stability wheel

85x46/47-20 Stability wheel

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z łożyskami 6204ZV (z odstającą bieżnią)

Koło Podporowe / Support Wheel

Steinbock Boss

Sort of roller STANDARD ROLLER
Type of roller WITH BEARING
Diameter of the roller D (mm) 85
Width of the roller W (mm) 46
Diameter of the bearing chamber D-BC (mm) 47
Depth of the bearing chamber H-BC (mm) 15
Type of bearing (prefix) 6204
Subtype of bearing (suffix) ZV
Shaft diameter AX (mm) 20
Sort of bearing STANDARD BEARING
Clamp length CL (mm) 50
Material of the roller POLYURETHANE
Roller material detail POLYURETHANE
Material of the rim STEEL
Reduction bushing present NO
Bushing between bearings present UNKNOWN
Groove for circlip present NO
Rim and tyre NO
Suitable for coldstore use NO
One side is closed NO
Grease nipple present WITHOUT GREASE NIPPLE

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