25x145 Single roller axle bolt 45584461000

25x145 Single roller axle bolt 45584461000

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Sworzeń do rolki singiel / Single roller axle bolt

Still 45584461000

ECU 14/16/18/20

series: F20164A

series: F20165A

series: F20166A

series: F20167A

series: F20176F

Średnica sworznia / Diameter of the axle/pin (mm) 25
Długość całkowita / Total length of the axle/pin (mm) 145
Średnica otworków / Pin hole dia(mm) 5
Odległość pomiędzy otworami a końcem osi / Centre distance between measured hole and edge of axle (lip) (mm) 14
Odległość pomiędzy otworami / Centre distance between 2 drilled holes or 2 grooves (lip) (mm) 118


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