250x100-80 Drive wheel Powerthane

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250x100-80 Powerthane Still 4493241 still, 0009903813 linde, 95325503 Pimespo CS 10M/711041;CS 16S/711042;CS 20/711040;CS 30Z/711043;CX-T/711050;CX20/711044;CXM 10/711045;CXS 16/711046;CXZ 30/711047; EXD S20/710249; EXU-S/710148-710149

Koło napędowe do wózka Still / Drive wheel Still / Kolo hnaci Stellana Powerthane na bateriový vozík Still Pimespo Linde

4493241 still, 0009903813 linde, 95325503 Pimespo

250x100 5x18,5

CS 10M/711041/06-06
CS 16S/711042/06-06
CS 20/711040/06-06
CS 30Z/711043/06-06
CXM 10/711045/01-07
CXS 16/711046/01-07
CXZ 30/711047/01-07
EXD S20/710249/01-07

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